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The Westview Associates is a proud contributor to the conversation surrounding Best Practices within the Third Party Servicing and Executive Search / Staffing Arenas. Below are the articles that our Executive Team have been published through our twitter address, @westviewassoc.

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How to Identify your Next Star Employee From the Pool of Applicants

Job Boards are an Inefficient way to Identify the Ideal Candidate

The Consultative Sale - Gaining Trust of the Prospective Customer

The Consultative Sale - The Road Map to Follow

What Defines a Successful Hire

The Required Attribute of each Newly Hired Employee ​ 

It All Begins with a Thorough Analysis

The One Thing Every Outsourced Service Provider MUST do

The Cost of Hiring a “Cheap” Outsourced Service Provider 

What makes an Ideal Outsourced Service Provider?

Selecting your Outsourced Service Provider  

The Downside of “Doing it Your Self” ​