The Westview Advantage - Why Engage Us !



The Westview Advantage is a sophisticated, repeatable, and customized hiring process where we become our clients’ Outsourced Provider of Staffing Solutions.

Our methodology begins by fully analyzing our clients’ unique staffing needs and the operating culture where the placed employee will need to excel. 

  •  Cultural Congruency between the employee, the employer’s operating environment, as well as the employer's mission and vision are paramount to having a longer-tenured and more productive employment relationship
  • Needs Assessment discloses the required accomplishments that the hired employee will need to achieve.  - Where the Job Description is a simplistic list of attributes.

Armed with the complete understanding of our client’s unique operating environment and the required accomplishments that the hired employee will need to fulfill, the candidate search and vetting process can now begin.

  • Candidate identification is conducted through The Westview Associates' trusted network of accomplished professionals.
  •  Candidate Vetting begins with at least TWO personal interactions with each presented candidate. A thorough investigation reveals how the candidate’s culture, professional accomplishments, and substantiated career progression will excel within the client’s environment and staffing need.

Substantiation of each candidate’s Professional Bearing, Accomplishments, and Career Goals are provided in detail to the client through that candidate’s Presentation Package.

Each candidate’s Professional Accomplishments, Interpersonal Skills, and Technical Skills are revealed through a 360 Degree Professional Reference Evaluation process.

The Westview Associates manages a well-informed hiring process that produces the ideal employee accepting the tendered offer. We lead our clients through the interview,  candidate evaluation, and offer processes. Our trusted relationships with both the Candidate and Hiring Company throughout the hiring process is an asset to our clients. 

The consultative services of The Westview Associates continue through the hiring process to Onboarding and successful Employee Implementation.

For more than eight years, the above capsulated process has produced longer tenured and more productive employees.