The Westview Advantage - Why Engage Us !

The Westview Associates provide our clients with Value-Added Consultative Expertise through “The Westview Advantage”.

This strategy focuses upon fulfilling what we have found are the three vital components for producing the most successful placement of newly hired employees to long term, beneficial tenures within the hiring organization. Our experience has determined that successful employee placements are predicated upon fully understanding and delivering upon the hiring organization’s:

1)     Required Operating Tasks and Production Level of the placed individual
2)     The Operational and Financial Constraints of the search
3)     The hiring organization’s Operating Culture, in which the hired individual will work* 

* Business Management Research supports our determination that the closer the match between the culture of the hired individual and the nuances of the culture of the organization in which they will work, the more lengthy the tenure and the more productive is that employee’s contribution.

If the situation requires, The Westview Associates will assist in drafting a detailed Job Description of the staffing need.

With the above information as our guide, The Westview Associates applies professional search strategies within our extensive network to reveal potential candidates who match the operating and cultural requirements of the staffing need.  We have found that utilizing strategic networking, versus passive job postings, is the most effective and efficient way to identify highly desirable staffing candidates.   Our networking strategies utilize referrals from trusted professionals who have witnessed the achievements of potential candidates.

Once potential candidates have been identified, it is the responsibility of The Westview Associates to validate each candidate’s suitability to be introduced as a probable solution to the hiring organization’ staffing need, and thus suitable to be interviewed. The candidate validation process occurs during at least two meetings between The Westview Associates and each presented candidate.  At least one of these meetings will be a physical meeting. During these meetings, The Westview Associates validates the candidate’s suitability by documenting:

1)     The individual’s career history and achievements. Emphasis is placed upon highlighting the candidate’s professional achievements which are directly transferable to the specific staffing needs.

2)     That the professional and interpersonal culture of the individual to assure that the candidate will thrive within the hiring organization’s operating culture.

Only after being confident that the potential candidate’s technical, cultural and professional attributes match the requirements of the staffing need, will The Westview Associates share the hiring organization’s name with the potential candidate. 

Upon learning the hiring organization’s availability to interview the candidate, The Westview Associates will communicate with the candidate’s Professional References. It is our desire to speak with the candidate’s professional colleagues who can provide a “360 Degree View” of their professional accomplishments.

During the on average twenty-minute phone conversation with each reference, identical questions pertaining to the candidate’s Professional Bearing, Technical Expertise and Overall Assessment will be asked. The questions and composition of the reference process are strategically chosen to capture both the accomplishments and short coming of the candidate. It is our intent to deliver the completed reference process for evaluation before the candidate is interviewed by the hiring organization.  

Any other pre-employment evaluations, such as drug, credit, criminal or aptitude, which the hiring client historically and routinely administers to candidates of the subject position, will be administered by the hiring organization, at their expense.

 The Westview Associates remains the hiring organization’s outsourced staffing resource throughout and beyond the entire hiring process.   

 The Westview Associates is proud of our success in servicing the staffing needs within the Greater Philadelphia Region. We look forward to furthering this success through understanding and fulfilling the staffing needs of your organization.

Please contact us at 610-405-4818 with any questions regarding The Westview Associates or the summary of our services.