Hiring During COVID-19 Health Crisis


Businesses are still hiring during the current period of record unemployment. Distributors and manufacturers are hiring hourly wage earners to fulfill demands that are directly related to the crisis. Executives are being hired to fulfill vacancies that pre-date the crisis.

The current health crisis has created unique hiring challenges that must be addressed to assure a successful hire. These include:

  1) During periods of uncertainty, candidates tend to resist leaving a known employer for the unknown. Tactical research will:

     a. Reveal the candidate’s true reason to consider leaving the current employer, as well as any of the candidate's unfulfilled employment needs.

     b.  Identify how the potential employer can fulfill each of the candidate’s salient needs

     c. Deliberately position the attributes of the new employer as the most desirable alternative to the candidate's current employer

  2) Social Distancing may cause incomplete candidate vetting.

     a. Strategic implementation of Virtual Interviewing Tools, complemented with “safe” personal interaction, creates a complete vetting process

     b. Sophisticated analysis of both the culture of the hiring organization and the candidate will reveal if there is cultural congruence between both parties

     c. Very thorough and purposefully executed professional reference evaluation will validate the candidate’s professional and interpersonal accomplishments

Hiring Qualified Candidates during this most unique period of Social Distancing requires a successful and repeatable process like "The Westview Advantage"

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